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Dr Jason Dunlop

Curator of Chelicerata

Institut für
Systematische Zoologie,
Musuem für Naturkunde, Invalidenstraße 43, D-10115,
Berlin, Germany

Tel: ++ 49 30 2093 8516
Fax: ++ 49 30 2093 8528

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Curriculum vitae

Personal information

Date of Birth- 7th May, 1970
Nationality- British

Higher education

1988-1991, Dept. Pure and Applied Biology, University of Leeds. B.Sc. Hons. Special Studies Zoology, 1st Class, Wynne-Owen Prize

1991-1994, Dept. Earth Sciences, University of Manchester. Ph.D. `Palaeobiology of the trigonotarbid arachnids'


1994-1997, Dept. of Earth Sciences, University of Manchester.
NERC-funded postdoctoral research fellowship
Department home page

1997- , Institut für Systematische Zoologie, Musuem für Naturkunde, Berlin.
Curator of Chelicerata

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Professional memberships

American Tarantula Society Home page
Arachnologische Gesellschaft
British Arachnological Society
Home page
British Tarantula Society Home page
Palaeontological Association Home page


Editorial board: Mitteilungen aus dem Museum für Naturkunde, Zoologische Reihe

Editorial board: Arachnologische Mitteilungen

(OK I get to check the English, which would probably amuse my English teacher)

Editorial board: Forum of the American Tarantula Society

Other interests

Acting and Theatre
Mediaeval History
Writing Computer RPGs

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