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Dr Jason Dunlop

Curator of Chelicerata

Institut für
Systematische Zoologie,
Musuem für Naturkunde, Invalidenstraße 43, D-10115,
Berlin, Germany

Tel: ++ 49 30 2093 8516
Fax: ++ 49 30 2093 8528

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Research Grants
and Research Students

Sorry, I currently have no funding for research studentships available, but I would be interested in supervising anyone on arachnid systematics / phylogeny / palaeontology, if you have your own means of support.

Alternatively contact Dr Paul Selden, Manchester, UK and see if he can help.

Current research grants -


Current research students -

Karin Schütt
"Die Rolle der Fangfäden in der Phylogenie der Araneoidea"

Previous research grants -

1994 - 1997 NERC Grant (UK)
The Origins and Early Radiation of the Chelicerata

Previous research students -