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Dr Jason Dunlop

Curator of Chelicerata

Institue für
Systematische Zoologie,
Musuem für Naturkunde, Invalidenstraße 43, D-10115,
Berlin, Germany

Tel: ++ 49 30 2093 8516
Fax: ++ 49 30 2093 8528

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"...that cheap and easygoing occupation."

H. J. Hansen, 1925

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Previous work on arachnid phylogeny

On this page I've provided a list of previous authors who proposed a higher classification or evolutionary model for arachnids and their relatives. These schemes are arranged chronologically. Click on the author to see their scheme, the reference and my comments. I've used the order names as written by the authors, but I've also given the modern name in brackets where appropriate.

Page Under Construction

Petrunkevitch (1949)
Zachvatkin (1952)
Dubinin (1957)
Savory (1971)
van der Hammen (1977)
Weygoldt & Paulus (1979)
van der Hammen (1989)
Shultz (1990)

So far people were interested in the history of arachnid phylogeny