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Phalangiotarbid arachnids from the Coal Measures of Lancashire, UK

Jason A. Dunlop & Carl A. Horrocks
Department of Earth Sciences, University of Manchester, Manchester M13 9PL, UK

Four new specimens of phalangiotarbid (Arachnida: Phalangiotarbida) from the Upper Carboniferous (upper Westphalian A) of Westhoughton, Lancashire, UK, are referred to Mesotarbus peteri sp. nov. An additional Lancashire phalangiotarbid, Phalangiotarbus subovalis (Woodward, 1872), from the Upper Carboniferous (lower/middle Westphalian A) of Burnley, is redescribed and designated the neotype of this species. This material allows new interpretations of the opisthosomal segmentation and respiratory organs of phalangiotarbids, and a reconstruction of Mesotarbus peteri is presented.

Geological Magazine, 134, 369-381 (1997)

Author's comments:

The most important thing here is getting some sort of sensible model for phalangiotarbid segmentation and respiratory organs. Doesn't really answer a phylogeny question. I don't think we've convinced many acarologists of a relationship with opilioacarids and maybe I'm getting cold feet about it myself.
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