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Redescription of the Pennsylvanian trigonotarbid arachnid Lissomartus Petrunkevitch 1949 From Mazon Creek, Illinois

Jason A. Dunlop
Department of Earth Sciences, University of Manchester, Manchester M13 9PL, UK

The holotypes of the trigonotarbids Lissomartus carbonarius (Petrunkevitch 1913) and Lissomartus schucherti (Petrunkevitch 1913) (Arachnida, Trigonotarbida) from the Pennsylvanian (Westphalian D) of Mazon Creek are redesribed. These forms may be synonymous, representing male/female or juvenile/adult dimorphs, but the two species are retained at present. A new reconstruction of Lissomartus schucherti is presented. A new family Lissomartidae, is proposed for these species based on a combination of their lack of opisthosomal tuberculation and their opisthosomal segmentation pattern of tergites 2 + 3 fused and tergite 9 divided into median and lateral plates. Lissomartidae new family may be intermediate between Trigonotarbidae and Eophrynidae + Aphantomartidae.

The Journal of Arachnology, 23, 118-124 (1995)

Author's comments:

I'm not sure what else can be referred to Lissomartidae at the moment, but some other 'Trigonotarbidae' may belong here.
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